The Industry 4.0-Competence and Transfer Centre at BIBA

Industry 4.0 is strongly interlinked with the term “Cyber-Physical Systems“ (CPS). CPS are physical objects (e.g. machines, vehicles, work pieces etc.), which are equipped with technologies such as RFID, sensors, microprocessors, telematics or complete embedded systems. CPS are able to (a) collect data of themselves and their environment, (b) process and evaluate this data, (c) connect and communicate with other systems (e.g. via the internet) and (d) initiate several actions. The implementation of these CPS will lead to more efficient processes and consequently save costs. In addition, new services and thereby generating additional turnovers will be possible due to CPS.

The BIBA investigates potentials of CPS, starting from product design, through several applications in production and logistics, up to maintenance and exploitation (e.g. recycling) of products. Besides the technical approaches, BIBA pursues possibilities of CPS for generating new business models as well as education and corporate training for the support of employees in their daily work.

We would like to invite you to get an overview of our research and development work in the mentioned subjects on this website. If you have any questions concerning a specific subject, please do not hesitate to contact the person mentioned in the video’s description box on our YouTube-Channel.

Buisness Models

Business Models 4.0 – Innovation of new business models and services

This film shows a methodology for a goal-orientated development of new services and based thereon, business models, that are facilitated through cyber-physical Product-Service Systems.

Design / Development

Design & Development 4.0 – Sensor Data for Product Development

This film shows the application of sensor-systems to gain insight in the usage of a product. Furthermore it shows the way this gained information is used in the construction and development of new product-generations or -variants.

Design & Development 4.0 – Testing of mechatronic systems

This film shows a way to handle the increasing complexity of mechatronic systems in present and prospective testing processes.


Sourcing 4.0 - Robots in Logistics

This report shows how robots will be able to autonomously unload container and their variety of goods.


Production 4.0 – Secure Human- and Robot Interaction

This film shows what an interaction between industrial robots and humans might look like in the future.

Production 4.0 - Quality Control and Quality Inspection

This report shows how process guidance can be improved by means of intelligent algorithms and also how quality control of micro-components can be performed in milliseconds by means of Computer Vision.

Production 4.0 - Dynamic Milkrun

This film contribution depicts a successful approach to amplify lean principles by industry 4.0 technologies to reduce wastage in manufacturing logistics.

Production 4.0 - Celluveyor

This video presents the highly flexible transport and positioning system Celluveyor which was developed by BIBA.


Distribution 4.0 - Digitalisation of Logistics

Distribution 4.0 - Digitalisation of Logistics

Distribution 4.0 – ESecLog

In diesem Beitrag werden unterschiedliche Technologien vorgestellt, die einen Fracht-Fingerprint erzeugen, um die Sicherheit in der Abwicklung von Luftfrachtprozessen zu erhöhen. Weitere Information unter

Operation / Maintenance

Maintenance 4.0 - Preactive Maintenance

Within this video it is shown how maintenance and service logistics processes can be optimised by analyzing process and sensor data.

Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics 4.0 – Cyber-physical Systems in Reverse Logistics

This film shows the contribution, that cyber-physical systems can offer in the utilisation (recycling, refurbishing etc.) of used products or reusable material.

Education and Corporate Training

Training 4.0 - Serious Gaming

This report shows how human can playfully and expediently learn the use of new technics.

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