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From demonstration platform and high-tech laboratory to transfer centre – the BIBA infrastructure aids not only research, but also teaching and business. We support knowledge sharing with these facilities.

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Competence and transfer center

The Competence and Transfer Centre for Cyber-Physical Systems in Logistics shows companies the possibilities of Industry 4.0. With a view on the complete product life cycle, it demonstrates how processes and products are changing through the implementation of new technologies and how new product-related services can emerge.


IoT FabLab

The iotfablab provides hardware and software, as well as application knowledge on the subject of the “Internet of Things” (IoT). It supplies resources for internal projects, is also a point of contact for companies and supports them as they develop in line with Industry 4.0. Its aim is to establish industrial IoT applications.

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Computer Vision Lab (VisionLab)

The VisionLab handles image processing and artificial intelligence for production and logistics. It supports the direct transfer of research results to practical applications. Topics addressed are, for example, 3D object recognition, quality control in production or human-machine interaction, which, in the times of Industry 4.0 become more and more important. This offer is addressed to companies and serves internal and co-operative research purposes as well as education purposes.

BIBA Gaming Lab

BIBA living lab on serious games (BIBA Gaming Lab) is the meeting place for all kinds of different stakeholders. With the help of technology-supported games, they enhance, for example, their competencies in the area of risk, supply chain or innovation management, discuss and play together or develop new ideas for serious games. Special workshops are addressed to industrial users. In education as well, the lab plays an important role.

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Production Integration Center (PIZ)

The PIZ was established for the implementation of the institute’s own technical developments and is now an expert partner for companies in the production of individual small-scale productions and single parts. The extensive production facilities offer punching, turning, milling, eroding and laser-marking machines.

LogDynamics Lab

The LogDynamics Lab is an application center for technologies in logistics. It is the place where options for using new key technologies for complex processes in production and logistics are examined. The laboratory makes real-life test scenarios possible. As an interface between science and business, it is the ideal environment for shaping the transition from research into industrial reality through the transfer of know-how, exchange of experience, and technology workshops.

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