BIBA is Committed to the Transfer of Knowledge in Many Different Ways and by Providing Numerous Offers.

Research is not an end in itself. Its objective is to provide people with solutions and decision-making aids, incentives and guidance. This can only be achieved, if the knowledge discovered in the research laboratories is also transferred into the business world and society. Based on this concept, BIBA is strongly committed to such a transfer and supports it by means of a large variety of offers: presentations, workshops and seminars for users, the presence at regional and international conferences and trade fairs as well as education. In addition, BIBA is committed to an intensive science communication and PR work.

From the dialogue on practical applications to the transfer center

With events such as the dialogue on practical applications, for example, BIBA addresses mostly small and medium enterprises in the region, while, through its facilities, such as the competence and transfer center, it supports companies of all sizes and international locations with the integration of new technologies.

Patents and spin-offs

BIBA‘s cooperation with the patent and patent exploitation agency InnoWi in Bremen also contributes to a successful transfer of knowledge. In 2013/2014, BIBA won, with the help of InnoWi, inter alia, four requests for the further development of inventions in the context of the SIGNO program for the better marketing of patented inventions made at universities. In addition, the agency assessed five BIBA inventions with regard to their ability to be patented and exploited, which led to three patent applications. In 2014, BIBA was able to win an EXIT research transfer project which supports spin-offs based on a patented technology.

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