Electronic Data Interchange for the Maritime Industry

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Electronic data exchange will be one of the key elements for the European maritime industry in order to become more competitive in a market which is expanding and thus known for being a (promising) battlefield. One of the European strongpoint is the short development and production lead time. To protect as well as increase this advantage, the shipbuilders, suppliers, class societies and ship owners require to exploit state-of-the-art information and communication technologies supporting integration throughout the entire ship life cycle.

To achieve this goal, EDIMAR is to create, implement, test and evaluate an EDI based communication infrastructure between the various partners involved in the ship production process. This infrastructure is to automate ordering, delivery, invoicing and payment process of ship mechanical systems and equipment as well as for supporting the design refinement process which is a intermediary activity between ordering and delivery for such make to order products. The entire production process has to be understood as a virtual enterprise project facilitated by all the different companies involved. An interorganisational workflow system linking the various autonomous companies and thus trace the information flow across company borders as a necessary prerequisite to support enhanced co-ordination and to make the virtual enterprise alive.

Prerequisites for such advanced digital communication are i) standardised messages formats (EDIFACT) capturing the semantics of the procurement process and ii) a standardised message content based on a STEP product model enabling system interoperability on the level of engineering tasks.

EDIMAR is dedicated to exploit the potentials of both the STEP and EDIFACT approaches to product and process data communication through a concept which combines the complementary nature (business versus engineering data) of both approaches. This, together with an EDI system based on interorganisational workflow system will facilitate the realisation of a virtual enterprise for shipbuilding processes.

EDIMAR is an end-user driven project, aiming at the optimum usage of available communication technology and will develop the missing links and tailor the existing software modules to their needs.

EDIMAR was defined under the umbrella of the MARVELOUS project, one of whose aims is to harmonise the projects requirements and help to complementary cover the development field within marine industry. EDIMARīs objectives are matching those of the EMSA group which is in charge of representing European interest with respect to the development of shipbuilding related APīs at ISO.

EDIMAR supplements the 4th framework SEASPRITE project in two areas: i) data exchange within business processes based on EDI and ii) the development of the Mechanical Systems Application Protocol (AP 226), which closes the gap between the Ship Piping Application Protocol (AP217) and the Ship Structures Application Protocol (AP218).

EDIMAR is to exploit the profound experience and expertise of its proposers in the area of STEP product model development (LR, VSV, HDW, AESA, BIBA,), EDI systems (VSV, SLIGOS, BIBA, LION), distributed systems (BIBA, KCS), procurement processes (VSV, HDW), ship mechanical systems (DMV, Mac Gregor, INEXA, CARLOS) and workflow system development (LION, BIBA).

EDIMAR will support the MARVELOUS project demonstration at the EXPO 98 in Lisbon, Portugal.

EDIMAR will disseminate its results through ISO, EMSA and by setting a SIG under MARVEL OUS.

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