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Welcome to the COSIGA website.

A Concurrent Engineering Simulation Game

Using Advanced Multimedia and Telecommunication for
Education of European Students

COSIGA is an European research and development project under the Educational Multimedia Task Force of the European Commission. Objective of the COSIGA project is the development and validation of a computer based multimedia simulation game for the European engineers and students in Concurrent Engineering (CE). The aim of the game is to experience product development within a CE-domain introducing the concepts of parallel and co-operative working in a distributive environment.

The COSIGA consortium consists of software houses (M.I.T, Remtec), industrial university (Université Thomson), academic partners (Uni Bremen, Univ. of Nottingham, Helsinki Univ. of Technology) and industrial end users.

Keywords: Educational Multimedia, Simulation Game, Concurrent Engineering

Duration: 1 Jan. 1998 - 31 Dec. 1999 (24 month)

Project number: MM1003

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