Transport Cargo Safe from Damage - Thanks to an Automatic Pallet Loading System


Image: Lennart Rolfs

For the evaluation of the newly developed environmental perception system at the end of the project PaLA (Palletized Loads Automatic Loading System for unmodified European Trailers to enable a Resilient Supply Chain), BIBA visited the project partner Procter & Gamble in Mechelen together with the partner Duro Felguera.

In the project an automatic palette loading system was further developed to meet the requirements of curtain-sided trailers, which are the majority of European trailer fleets. The problem: these trailers have non-rigid walls that could deform causing goods to be stuck and eventually be damaged. To prevent the goods from being stuck and damaged an environmental perception system was developed to detect the skewed walls and control the loading system in order to avoid them. Furthermore, an additional mechanic system was developed to prevent damage from the goods in case a contact to the walls cannot be avoided.

The project PaLA was part of the EIT Manufacturing program which is co-funded by the European Union.

Project flyer

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