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Digital Tour 2024 - Vechta

June 17, 2024, Vechta

Image: Thomas Frank

The digital future is coming to your region - get ready for the “Digital Tour 2024” from the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Bremen-Oldenburg. We will be making a stop in Bremen, Wilhelmshaven and Vechta in June and bringing you various applications for practical digital use in your company. You can expect a mix of presentations, demonstrators and networking.

Since the beginning of the year, there has been an AI future workshop at the Ulderup Academy in Vechta with many special demonstrators. The digital tour of the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Bremen-Oldenburg will make a stop here on June 17. On the forecourt, visitors will be welcomed by the mobile factory of the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Hannover with a simulation of various digital production steps.

The event will kick off with a keynote speech on the introduction, potential and possible applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in small and medium-sized businesses. After a small snack break, there will be an opportunity to get to know the demonstrators in the new AI future workshop and from the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Bremen-Oldenburg and the mobile factory in group tours. Finally, an interactive hands-on experience awaits you: participants will be put in the fictitious and playful competitive situation of a company to attack its own business model with new technologies. Analogous to real business models in the economy, such as Airbnb, CEWE photo books and Uber, new technologies and trends are used to destroy an existing business model. Collaboration between mixed teams connects and also offers approaches to networking.

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How AI Helps to Generate Value from Your Machine Data

August 8, 2024, Oldenburg

Image: Aleksandra Himstedt

Do you also generate data in your company but do not use it optimally? Under the motto "AI for Lean IoT", we will show you in the innovation workshop how you can use artificial intelligence to create a low-threshold IoT platform to optimally collect and use your production data.

Find out how you can meet the challenge of integrating many different devices, data and data sources and integrate them into a single, easy-to-use IoT data platform. Based on proven and secure open source software, you can store, visualize and transform data and information, as well as create customized applications - without being tied to a specific vendor and as a long-term investment for your future IoT strategy.

The innovation workshop is offered in cooperation between BIBA, the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Bremen-Oldenburg and SWMS Consulting GmbH.

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How Can Production and Logistics Be Truly “Green”?

September 9, 2024, BIBA, Bremen

Image: Heiko Duin


In the interests of climate protection and energy transition, production and logistics, as the largest consumers of primary energy, must be persuaded to rethink: Away from compensation payments, towards the use of renewable energies, the application of efficiency technologies and the formation of flexibility measures. In this context, the BIBA - Bremen Institute of Production and Logistics is conducting research into future value creation in production and logistics systems based on a sustainable product life cycle. Circular economy and energy are key success factors here. One focus of this research is the integration of energy systems in production and logistics systems at product and process level, specifically in the area of the generation, storage and use of renewable energies in the electricity, heating and mobility sectors. During the guided tour in the BIBA research hall, we will explore the question of how climate-neutral, competitive production and logistics processes can be generated and implemented in order to create added value for society. Join us and

  • find out how BIBA, with its holistic view of production and logistics, contributes to the creation and use of innovative synergy effects through the integrated use of renewable energies and sector coupling.
  • explore an energy self-sufficient learning factory that has produced innovative solutions for nature conservation in Blockland, among other things.
  • Get to know a low-code platform that makes it possible to develop AI models independently and without expert knowledge with the aim of identifying potential energy savings in production.


The lab tour is offered by BIBA in cooperation with the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Bremen-Oldenburg and the Lilienthal Volunteer Agency.

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Transparent Supply Chains in Logistics

February 28, 2024, online

Image: Sabine Nollmann

The virtual impulse seminar offers an overview of technologies for increasing transparency in supply chains. We will give you an in-depth insight into the use of mobile sensor technology in the supply chain. You can look forward to an innovative technical solution for a networked, intelligent supply chain that integrates mobile sensors, gateways, 3D image processing, cloud platforms and digital services. As a result, quality-relevant environmental influences on the products as well as condition-relevant data from transports, such as geolocation, are continuously recorded and digitized with mobile and stationary sensors. Based on this data, digital services are provided for the companies involved, which help to identify transport problems at an early stage and provide further assistance in ensuring product and process quality.

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Shaping Value Creation with Energy Transition

September 25, 2024

Image: Aleksandra Himstedt

In order to tackle the climate crisis, it is essential to replace fossil fuels with renewable energies. At the same time, energy must be used efficiently. For strategic and economic reasons, many manufacturing companies are currently looking for solutions to implement sustainable energy generation and use for themselves.

Would you also like to produce in a more energy-efficient and cost-saving way? Then come to our innovation workshop! We will be happy to show you how the energy transition in production companies can succeed through the use of sustainable energy systems and the digitalization of production. We pay particular attention to the potential of sector coupling and the conversion of processes. Let yourself be inspired by impulses and demonstrators from current projects and join us in the innovation workshop, where we will address your individual needs and wishes for more sustainability and energy efficiency.

The innovation workshop is organized by the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Bremen-Oldenburg in cooperation with the BIBA, the Environmental Business Office, the Bremen Chamber of Commerce - IHK for Bremen and Bremerhaven and the Bremen Chamber of Crafts.

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