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Intelligent Microgrids for an Energy Self-Sufficient Company

December 5, 2023, 3 - 6 p.m., BIBA

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Manufacturing companies today are confronted with the challenges and opportunities of digitalization. At the same time, they are striving to produce sustainably and as energy-efficiently as possible. Many are asking themselves how they can do justice to the current megatrends of digitalization and sustainability. Could the two approaches perhaps even be combined? We would like to explore this question in the workshop "Intelligent microgrids for an energy self-sufficient company" and cordially invite you to participate free of charge.

Microgrids in the energy sector are known from applications such as balcony power plants and are being used in more and more households. With appropriate scaling, these or other alternative energy sources are also of interest for industrial applications. Visit our workshop and find out whether such solutions are also suitable for your company. In line with geopolitical goals and the daily challenges of production companies, the workshop will provide you with skills that will enable you to develop and implement intelligent solutions for your company. In this way, the energy management problems in the "Smart Micro Grid" are linked with the modern production economy "Smart Manufacturing".

The workshop consists of a theoretical impulse and an interactive practical part in which you have the opportunity to produce energy self-sufficiently yourself in our learning factory. Technologies, methods and concepts will be presented and demonstrated that contribute to a better assessment of the current situation in the company from an energy perspective in order to create a change towards more robust, sustainable and modern production systems - on both a small and large scale. At the get-together afterwards, you will also have the opportunity to find out about individual support offers from the stakeholders involved - from digitalization and sustainability to funding opportunities - feel free to talk to us and generate a tailor-made advantage for your company.

The workshop is organized by the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Bremen-Oldenburg in cooperation with the BIBA - Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik, the EIT Manufacturing project SmartPower, the Environmental Business Office, the Bremen Chamber of Commerce - IHK for Bremen and Bremerhaven, the Bremen Chamber of Crafts and RKW Bremen.

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9th International Conference on Dynamics in Logistics - LDIC 2024

February 14 - 16, 2024, BIBA

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The International Conference on Dynamics in Logistics is a conference series established by the research cluster LogDynamics. The 9th edition of LDIC will take place at BIBA at the University of Bremen from February 14-16, 2024. The dynamics of logistic processes and networks will be the focus of the conference. The call for papers is open until September 1, 2023 (full papers): We invite empirical, theoretical, methodological and practice-oriented contributions dealing with modeling, planning, optimization and control of processes in supply chains, logistic networks, production systems, material flow systems and facilities. LDIC 2024 provides a forum for discussion of advances in the field. We look forward to your contribution and to welcoming you at LDIC 2024 in Bremen!

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