Digital Tour Bremen: AI as an Opportunity Driver for the Sustainability of Business Models

Image: Aleksandra Himstedt


The digital tour of the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Bremen-Oldenburg, in which BIBA is involved in, kicked off in Bremen on 6th of June 2024 and offered exciting insights into digitalization and sustainability. The focus was on the question: “How artificial intelligence as an opportunity driver can influence the sustainability of business models”.

Prof. Dr. Joerg Freiling from the University of Bremen opened the event with an impressive keynote speech on the role of the Mittelstand in the Bremen ecosystem. This was followed by a series of lectures:

• Sustainability & digitalization - how does the dual transformation succeed?

• With Tiny Machine Learning to energy-efficient and sustainable AI

• AI-supported business models for a sustainable corporate strategy

In the afternoon, workshops and discussion tables were held in parallel, giving participants the opportunity to engage intensively with the key topics and ask their questions. The workshop offered by BIBA on identifying suitable partners for collaboration on digital business models was well received.

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