Stefan A. Wiesner

Department Head in the IKAP department Collaborative Business in Enterprise networks

Curriculum vitae

Stefan A. Wiesner has a diploma in Industrial Engineering and Management (focus on Project Management and Development of Production). He has been working as a research scientist for BIBA in the department of ICT applications for production (IKAP) since 2007. His research interests are in the field of collaborative Requirements Engineering and Business Model innovation for complex Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and Product-Service Systems (PSS). Mr. Wiesner has been the responsible manager for several European projects, subprojects and work packages in these areas (ESKALE ERA-NET, MSEE IP, PSYMBIOSYS RIA, inter alia). Contributions and publications include the development and application of a game-based Requirements Engineering framework and a Business Modelling methodology for PSS, supporting the implementation in industrial companies. He is active in the IFIP 5.7 SIG on Smart Manufacturing with the aim to integrate PSS and CPS concepts.


Mittelstand 4.0 Mid- & Small-Sized Enterprises Competency Center Bremen
BASDA Realization of a barrier-free assistance system for the step-by-step execution of work tasks
DPNB Dynamic Production Network Broker
XKIC Human Capital Cross-KIC Human capital - RedVile pilot
MARIDAL Maritime Regional Network for Integrated Digital Working and Learning
e-Civeles e-Civeles: Digital Competences and Intercultural Values in e-Learning Environments
Rang-E Autonomes Rangieren auf der Hafenbahn
MESA Media applications in welding training
PSYMBIOSYS Product-Service sYMBIOtic SYStems
BIVEE Business Innovation in Virtual Enterprise Environments
MSEE Manufacturing SErvice Ecosystem
InnoMatNet Networking of materials laboratories and innovation actors in various industrial sectors for product or process innovation
COIN COllaboration and INteroperability for Networked Enterprises
PMC Personal Mobility Center
CO-LLABS Community Based Living Labs to Enhance SMEs Innovation in Europe
ESKALE Trans-European Sustainable Knowledge-Based MAnufacturing<br/>for SmalL and Medium Sized Enterprises in Traditional Industries
Tell-Me TransEuropean Living Labs for an iMproved E-participation
E4 Extended Enterprise management in Enlarged Europe
ECOLEAD European Collaborative Networked Organizations Leadership Initiative
ERA co-ordination in ERA co-ordination initiative in the field of the Networked Enterprise
ERA Study ERA co-ordination initiative in the field of the Networked Enterprise
IST-Bonus Supporting Research Excellence in ICT for Business
ARICON Standardised Assessment of Readiness and Interoperability for Cooperation in New Product Development in Virtual Organisations
MOMENT The Mobile Extended Manufacturing Enterprise
REMOTE Remote Product/Customer Support via Extended Enterprise
agepro Verbundprojekt Arbeits- und Organisationsgestaltung in e-business-basierten Prozessen am Beispiel der schnellen Produktentwicklung
APM Automated Performance Measurement


Stefan A. Wiesner
BIBA - Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH
Hochschulring 20
28359 Bremen
Telephone +49(0)421/218-50169
Languages German, English, French