M.Sc Indah Lengkong

Senior Research Associate in the IKAP department Intelligent ICT for Co-operative Production

Curriculum vitae

After graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering in Indonesia and obtained a double Master's degree in International Business and Logistics from University of Wollongong, Australia, Indah Lengkong worked as a research associate in the Maritime Logistics workgroup, Jacobs University Bremen from 2008 to 2015. There she was responsible for project management of European projects mainly focussed on maritime research and education area as well as research on port and container terminal development.

In August 2015 she joined BIBA and was responsible for public relation and communication of Bremen research cluster for Dynamics in Logistics (LogDynamics). Since August 2016, she is responsible for project management of the EU funded projects coordinated by BIBA.


WASABI White-label shop for digital intelligent assistance and human-AI collaboration in manufacturing
TrackInWare Plant efficiency through affordable real-time tracking systems
COALA COgnitive Assisted agile manufacturing for a LAbor force supported by trustworthy Artificial Intelligence
UPTIME Unified Predictive Maintenance System
FALCON Feedback mechanisms Across the Lifecycle for Customer-driven Optimization of iNnovative product-service design


M.Sc Indah Lengkong
BIBA - Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH
Hochschulring 20
28359 Bremen

Telephone +49 421 218-50 189
Languages English, German, Indonesian
ORCID 0000-0001-9027-2074
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M.Sc Indah Lengkong

Senior Research Associate in der IKAP-Abteilung Intelligente IuK-Umgebungen für die kooperative Produktion

Telephone +49 421 218-50 189

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