Intelligent Exoskeleton/Task Matchmaking

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Despite the increasing automation and digitalization of industrial processes, manual activities are still indispensable for companies, as many tasks cannot be fully automated for technical or financial reasons. Ergonomic injuries are one of the most common categories of workplace injuries today. It is estimated that more than 30% of accidents resulting in days away from work are due to ergonomic-related injuries. To reduce physical strain on employees, exoskeletons can be used to assist with non-ergonomic movements. However, selecting the right exoskeleton for a job requires expertise in work planning and medicine, which is not always available, especially in small and medium-sized companies.

In order to quickly and cost-effectively find an initial selection of a suitable exoskeleton, a mobile application is developed with the help of which the performed work steps can be evaluated by video analysis with AI methods and special stresses are described. Subsequently, a suitable exoskeleton for the activity can be suggested on the basis of the stresses identified.

The application is evaluated in terms of ease of use and output results in laboratory tests and compared with currently used checklist-based methods.

Duration 10.10.2022 - 31.03.2023, Funded by EU

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Hydrogen for Bremen’s industrial transformation

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The hyBit project plays a important role in the realization of the EU's goal of a climate-neutral economy by means of green hydrogen in a holistic energy transition. The overarching question of the project is: How can climate neutrality be achieved through the targeted technical, economic, ecological, legal and social design of hydrogen hubs? In five steps, pilot applications are defined via flexible modeling of logistics systems that run on hydrogen. For this purpose, transformation paths, infrastructure concepts and roadmaps will first be developed and simulated. The results and simulation performance will be made available to a central transformation platform, which will combine them with the results of other issues beyond mobility and logistics.

Duration 01.09.2022 - 28.02.2026, Funded by BMBF

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NebulOuS will introduce an appropriate meta-operating system that encompasses brokerage capabilities across the cloud computing continuum. Specifically, it will enable the emergence of ad-hoc fog brokerage ecosystems that exploit IoT/edge and fog nodes, in parallel to multi-cloud resources to cope with the requirements of hyper distributed applications. Such applications will be managed by NebulOuS considering the full life-cycle support of edge and cloud resources to enable hosting nodes across organisational units of the same or different business entities or reach private datacentres of telecom providers, constituting ad-hoc cloud computing continuums. BIBA will integrate the research on distributed digital twins and their orchestration in the cloud computing continuum and employ the NebulOuS solution in an application scenario in the domain of crisis management and communication.

Duration 01.09.2022 - 31.08.2025, Funded by EU

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Projektlogo Entwicklung eines Leitfadens für den bedarfsgerechten Einsatz AR-basierter Assistenzsysteme in der Intralogistik

AR Improve

Development of a guideline for the human-oriented use of AR-based assistance systems in intralogistics

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Intelligent and interactive AR-based assistance systems have great potential for supporting intralogistics work processes. Still, they have only been used occasionally in this form in practice, especially in SMEs.

The object of the AR Improve research project is intelligent and interactive AR assistance systems that combine current AR hardware with sensor technology and image-processing methods.

By providing an interactive guide, which is being developed together with SMEs, decision-makers can make well-founded decisions about the needs-based and human-oriented use of AR assistance systems without detailed knowledge of AR technology.

Duration 01.09.2022 - 31.08.2024, Funded by BMWi / AiF
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Projektlogo Potentialanalyse eines multimodalen Umschlagsystems für den direkten oder indirekten Warenumschlag zwischen einer Binnenwasserstraße und mindestens einem weiteren Gütertransportsystem


Potential analysis of a multimodal transshipment system for the direct or indirect transshipment of goods between an inland waterway and at least one other freight transport system

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Freight transport in Germany today is mainly carried out by road and rail. However, the further increase in transport volumes is pushing the systems to their limits, as evidenced by increased congestion and more frequent delivery delays, among other things. Another challenge is the high environmental impact of road and rail transport. A lower-emission alternative and supplement to land-based transport is water-based freight transport by inland waterway vessel. The increased use of this mode of transportation requires the provision of additional decentralized transhipment points (so-called MicroPorts) for the intelligent and efficient linking of land- and water-based freight transport.

The aim of the project is the technical design of a network of decentralized transhipment hubs for linking land- and waterborne freight transport. The basic idea is to use existing infrastructure, especially bridges, for the installation of the MicroPorts. Based on this, a simulation-based evaluation will be carried out to assess the new transhipment concept's economic efficiency and sustainability. The expected project results thus provide the basis for the planning and implementation of decentralized transhipment points for combined land- and water-based freight transport in the future.

Duration 01.07.2022 - 30.06.2024, Funded by BMDV
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1. Dezember 2022, Bad Bederkesa

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