Our New Annual Report was Published! A Look Back at Eventful Times

BIBA is looking back on two extraordinary years. The pandemic, the war in Europe and the energy crisis have revealed in a special way, among other things, the great importance of the digitalization of production and logistics and the protection of resources, as well as the resilience and weaknesses of global networks. This has also brought the value of scientific work back into focus. And: BIBA has turned 40 years old

Only in retrospect, a current situation can be evaluated and progress made be identified. Thus, every two years we summarize in a report what BIBA has achieved together with its partners. Informative and exciting, colorful and entertaining, in German and English. Perhaps you will find yourself in it, and perhaps you will also find starting points for further or new collaborations with us.

For eight years now, BIBA has been on a growth course. We would like to thank all those who have contributed to this with their support and trust in us.

BIBA Annual Report 2021-22

If you are interested in receiving a print edition, please send us an e-mail at him@biba.uni-bremen.de. 

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