Employees Skills for Predictive Maintenance

The EIT Manufacturing project Skills4PdM aims to improve the know-how of existing workforce and actively support their re-skilling or upskilling in relation to Predicitive Maintenance as part of a smart manufacturing paradigm. Skills4PdM offers on-the-job training on state-of-the-art of Predictive Maintenance technology and solution. It provides didactic materials to educate current and future work forces regarding new technologies and challenges of Industry 4.0 related to predictive maintenance.

Predictive Maintenance is one of the most interesting industrial applications of Industry 4.0. Our new video provides overview on some benefits and challenges face by manufacturing industry when it comes to implementation of the predictive maintenance solution in the shop floor. E.g. lack of organizational readiness, lack of quality of the data, which needs to be used for machine learning as well as awareness of managers on what the solution needs and what it offers for industrial application. One of the solutions would be not technical approach but structure and systemic training, involving all key stakeholders in order to get the right skills and competences to choose, implement and sustain this type of solution.

Video (in German)

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