Kick-off hyBit: Hydrogen for Bremen's Industrial Transformation

Image: Aleksandra Himstedt

The large-scale project hyBit - hydrogen for Bremen's industrial transformation - has been launched. BIBA contributes to the research work as one of the 19 partners and was the venue of the kick-off event with about 100 participants from November 15 to 17.

The project hyBit plays a central role in the realization of the goal issued by the EU of a climate-neutral national economy by means of green hydrogen. The question of the project is: How can climate neutrality be achieved through the target-oriented technical, economic, ecological, legal and social design of hydrogen hubs?

Now it starts, we are looking forward to participate in this exciting project for the next 3.5 years! The BIBA coordinates the cluster "Logistics and Mobility" and will deal with the following research questions:

  • Which applications in logistics can be transformed by hydrogen technology?
  • How can transformation paths for logistics hubs like Bremen be designed and who are the relevant actors?
  • Which needs arise and which infrastructures have to be realized in coordination with other sectors such as industry?

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1. Dezember 2022, Bad Bederkesa

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