Intelligent Picking: Follow Me Mode for Autonomous Mobile Robots

Image: Mexot

Against the background of high physical stress during technical work in automobile handling, BIBA is working together with the partners BLG LOGISTICS, ELROTEC and HUNIC on an ergonomic design of workplaces with simultaneous improvement of process efficiency in the MEXOT project, which is funded by the BMDV via the IHATEC program.

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) represent a subcomponent of the overall solution approach. In order to enable intelligent picking in warehouses, in which the employee picks the required goods directly onto load carriers of the automated guided vehicle, research and development is being carried out on a follow-me mode for AGVs as part of the MEXOT project. Here, the AGV follows an active employee who activates the Follow Me mode either via smartwatch or gesture interaction.

The video prototypically demonstrates the functionality of the FTF Follow Me mode in an exemplary laboratory scenario.


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