IdEaL - BIBA Conducts Research with Model Factory for Energy Transition in Production

Image: Heiko Duin

In order to counter the climate crisis, it is essential to replace fossil fuels with renewable energies. It is also necessary to use energy more efficiently. A research project by the University of Bremen and BIBA focuses on both perspectives. On February 27, 2024, the Senate of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen provided a total of around 4.1 million euros for the "Interdisciplinary Energy Research Laboratory" (IdEaL) research project. Part of the money (1.6 million euros) comes from ERDF funds. The "Interdisciplinary Energy Research Laboratory" research project is divided into three sub-areas. In the sub-project based at BIBA, a model factory will be used to research how the energy transition in production companies can succeed through the use of sustainable energy systems and the digitalization of production. In particular, the potential of sector coupling and the conversion of processes will be examined. To set up the model factory, BIBA will be equipped with a modern industrial prototype production facility and energy generation and storage technologies, among other things.


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