The future of manufacturing in Europe starts now!


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On 7 November 2019 the new EIT Knowledge and Innovation Community EIT Manufacturing was officially inaugurated at its Headquarters in Paris Saclay. BIBA is one of 50 core partners in the initiative. The EU’s manufacturing sector employs close to 30 million people in 2.1 million enterprises and accounts for almost 20% of the total GDP. The sector is under considerable strain with rapid technological advancements and the need for a more circular economy. To tackle this, EIT Manufacturing will provide excellent manufacturing skills and talents, work towards the full digitalization of manufacturing and foster sustainable manufacturing. EIT Manufacturing, is Europe’s largest manufacturing innovation network and is developing new opportunities for innovators. By 2030, it is set to empower over 1,000 ventures across Europe and create new job opportunities.

To deliver on its goals by 2026, EIT Manufacturing will:

  • Educate, train and re-skill 50,000 people
  • Train 1,500 people for entrepreneurial leadership in manufacturing companies
  • Create and power 1,000 start-ups
  • Support 80 green start-ups
  • Deliver 20% growth rate for companies participating in the Business Creation program
  • Launch 350 new products and manufacturing-related services on the market


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