Christoph Petzoldt

Department Head of the IPS department Robotics and Automation

Curriculum vitae

Christoph Petzoldt studied Systems Engineering (B.Sc and M.Sc) at the University of Bremen, focusing on automation technology and robotics, and graduated in 2017. After his graduation, he was until 2019 in the Robotics Group of the University of Bremen, where he worked in the field of machine learning and did research on learning robotic skills from human demonstration. Since then, Mr. Petzoldt has been working as a researcher at the 'Bremer Institute for Production and Logistics (BIBA)' in the Robotics and Automation department. During this time, he worked on and led R&D projects in the fields of production, logistics, and process automation with a focus on industrial assembly. His main research interests are in the areas of intelligent human-robot collaboration, dynamically reconfigurable production systems as well as assistance systems for human-machine interaction. Since 2020, Mr. Petzoldt has been head of the department Robotics and Automation.

Research interest

  • Intelligent human-robot collaboration
  • Dynamic task allocation in hybrid assembly systems
  • Intelligent assembly assistance systems
  • Assistance systems for human-technology interaction
  • Control and interaction with autonomous mobile robots
  • Digital twin for control and monitoring of production and logistics systems
  • Modular and reconfigurable assembly systems


RessourcE Developing human resources in service work
SMART Dynamic control of collaborative assembly in the digital twin using AR and AI-based situation recognition
AITeach Automatic Interpretation and Creation of Assembly-Processes from Demonstration
MEXOT Intelligent work ergonomics using sensory exoskeletons and autonomous transport systems for enhanced human-technology interaction in automotive cargo handling
exoMATCH Intelligent Exoskeleton/Task Matchmaking
Astradis Automated Specification Tool for AGV Deployment in SMBs
EKIMuPP Design of a digital and AI-assisted flexible assembly line to increase product and process innovation
KoMILo Context-dependent, Al-based interface for multimodal human-machine interaction with technical logistics systems
IRiS Interactive robotic system for unloading of sea containers
AxIoM Gamified AI Assistance System for Support of Manual Assembly Processes
PaTRo Pallet-Tagging-Robot: Development of a demonstrator for automatic attaching of RFID transponders on wooden-flat-pallets
RobLog Cognitive Robot for Automation of Logistic Processes
INPRO Substitution einer bisherigen Fertigungstechnologie durch FSW
Celluveyor Highly Flexible and Modular Conveying and Positioning System based on Omnidirectional Technology
EMOSES Development of a method to recognize universal logistic goods inside a container using 3D vision
OT-B Forschungs- und Entwicklungsbasierte Logistik- und Ressourcenplanung des Offshore-Terminals Bremerhaven
SIMKAB Simplifizierte Kabine
RoboCon Schnelle Konsolidierung und Dekonsolidierung von Seecontainern mittels Robotik und dynamischer Beladungsplanung
SAViNG StAhl- und Eisenschrott VerfolguNG
DrugRob Automatische Beladung von Rollcontainern
OMrEST Optimierung des Materialflusses bei der roboterbasierten Entnahme von logistischen Stückgütern aus Transportcontainern zur Sicherstellung der Wirtschaftlichkeit des Gesamtsystems
Kaffeerob Automatic robot-based unloading of bagged goods from containers
Hanserob Hanserob


Christoph Petzoldt
BIBA - Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH
Hochschulring 20
28359 Bremen

Telephone +49 421 218-50 119
ORCID 0000-0003-2873-4404
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Christoph Petzoldt

Leiter der IPS-Abteilung Robotik und Automatisierung

Telephone +49 421 218-50 119

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