In order to fulfill research and teaching requirements as well as its social responsibilities, BIBA has taken on numerous responsibilities and offers a wide range of services. Science and economy, young engineers, cooperation partners and clients as well as the society and the environment – they all benefit from BIBA’s comprehensive range of services. Please find below an overview of the most important services offered by BIBA.

Wissenschaftliche Versuchsanlage


From fundamental research to application-oriented industrial projects and global collaborations: BIBA takes part in a wide range of activities and its research into production and logistics also covers a vast spectrum.


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BIBA is strongly involved in academic teaching and qualification through the connection of the two specialist fields Planning and Control of Production and Logistics Systems (PSPS) and Integrated Product Development (BIK) with the Department of Production Technology – Mechanical Engineering & Process Engineering at the University of Bremen.



Only through dialogue can science lead to innovative products and thus to added value for society. We therefore maintain constant contact with colleagues around the world, with experts from industry and with the public. Our goal is to carry out application-oriented research today for future scenarios, consider the challenges of tomorrow, recognize necessary action and investments, and discover trends and potential. We want to know what is and what will be, to reflect on our work and to be fully prepared for the tasks of tomorrow.


Info for Prospective Students

Attracting children and young adults to engineering professions, teaching and encouraging students, as well as supporting young scientists: BIBA takes care of  young people in many different areas and by providing  a wide range of offers. Thus, in addition to young  scientists, the institute also supports and accompanies,  for example, trainees of the University of Bremen.

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Working at BIBA

Due to its close ties to the faculty of Production Engineering of the University of Bremen, BIBA is very much involved in the academic qualification of young engineers and provides multifaceted support. From bachelor and master students to doctoral students and junior professors, BIBA offers all of them an attractive, supportive environment for their work and the development of their careers.


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August 8, 2024, Oldenburg
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September 3-6, 2024, Hamburg
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September 9, 2024, BIBA, Bremen
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September 18, 2024, online

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