History of BIBA

BIBA can now look back on 40 diverse and successful years, during which it quickly carved out a firm position for itself among the scientific community – at times with unconventional ideas – and it continues to affirm and strengthen this position to this day. Research conducted at BIBA today is characterised by its integrative, process-oriented view of product development, production, logistics and operation along the entire value chain, in combination with new information and communication technologies.

On the one hand, this success was and continues to be made possible by BIBA's close connections to the faculty for Production Engineering – Mechanical Engineering and Process Engineering at the University of Bremen. On the other hand, this success was built from the very beginning on a foundation of constant self-reflection and forward-looking responses to new technological developments, the recognition of new potential and the visionary ideas of BIBA researchers, as well as their willingness to tread unfamiliar ground.

With the focus on always providing the best conditions for BIBA research, the institute has undergone numerous re-alignments, extensions and restructuring measures.

Further, exciting details about BIBA can be found in the brochure "25 Years of Production Engineering at the University of Bremen" (2008, in German):

The 30-minute film "FB4 Retrospektive" (2017, in German) also offers very lively insights through many contemporary witness interviews and excerpts from reports and research documentaries on the Department of Production Engineering, including BIBA.

Further links:
Press release by BIBA from June 6th, 2011: "BIBA: Founded 30 Years Ago with Vision by Visionaries" (in German).
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