Offers for the industry

Since it was founded, BIBA has maintained a lively exchange with the business world and has engaged in numerous collaborations with users in practical applications. Our success relies on dialogue, so our laboratories are used for more than just research and teaching; they also serve to impart and implement our research findings in industrial applications. We have borne this in mind when developing our offers for companies.

From a valuable impetus to constructive collaboration

BIBA has a long tradition of cooperating with industry. We collaborate with numerous companies of all sizes and from all sectors, and offer a wide variety of events and services. For example, we offer advice regarding the benefits, application and risk assessment of new technologies. Our research facility, laboratories and seminar rooms on the Bremen University campus offer the ideal platform for this purpose.

BIBA is a forum

Representatives from the worlds of science and business, as well as from politics and public administration, regularly gather here to learn something new and exchange information and views, or to initiate and realise joint research and development projects together. BIBA has its roots in the region and is active all around the world, which is reflected in its international collaborations and research projects.

Holding a discourse with numerous stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds always generates valuable impetus and contacts for everyone involved. BIBA thus offers small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) low-barrier access to scientific knowledge and therefore the chance to participate in today's most cutting-edge debates and research findings. Many SMEs have already taken this opportunity to become partners of BIBA in large-scale, publicly funded R&D projects.

Learning about innovations in the field of production and logistics

From presentations, demonstrations and exhibitions to conferences, training sessions and workshops (e.g. factory of expertise on “autonomous control in production and logistics”) – we frequently invite a diverse range of stakeholders to learn about and discuss innovations in the field of production and logistics. And when it comes to new technologies, we are only too happy to offer information, highlight relevant options and offer assistance in their introduction. Our infrastructure is ideally equipped for such knowledge-transfer services.

You will find an overview of our infrastructure facilities and what they can offer here.

We publish announcements of events and relevant dates regularly on the homepage and under the events information.

If you do not yet have a contact person at BIBA, our administration staff will always be happy to assist.

Girls‘Day im BIBA
April 25, 2024, BIBA, Bremen
Hackathon "Human-Robot Interaction"
April 25 and 26, 2024, BIBA, Bremen
AI for Lean IoT
April 30, 2024, BIBA, Bremen
AI for Lean IoT
June 7, 2024, online
Bremen AI Days
June 12-13, 2024, DHI, Bremen

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