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Industry 4.0 – a topic BIBA deals with for more than 20 years

For much more than 20 years, BIBA has been exploring what is understood today as “Industry 4.0” – the technological and organisational challenges, as well as the opportunities presented by the digitalisation of logistics and production processes and how human beings fit into these processes.


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Factory of Expertise on “Autonomous Control in Production und Logistics”

The factory of expertise on “Autonomous Control in Production und Logistics” was erected at BIBA as part of the initiative “Mit uns digital! The centre for Niedersachsen and Bremen”. It offers courses specifically for small and medium-sized companies to help them on their way toward the digital future.


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Offers for the industry

Since it was founded, BIBA has maintained a lively exchange with the business world and has engaged in numerous collaborations with users in practical applications. Our success relies on dialogue, so our laboratories are used for more than just research and teaching; they also serve to impart and implement our research findings in industrial applications. We have borne this in mind when developing our offers for companies.


19th - 20th of June 2018, Hannover
16. - 20. Juli 2018, Bremen
Industrie 4.0 Schulung
10. September 2018, Bremen
35. Deutscher Logistik-Kongress
17. - 19. Oktober 2018, Berlin
Industrie 4.0 Schulung
19. November 2018, Bremen

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