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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marcus Seifert

Marcus Seifert

Visiting Scientist in the division Collaborative Business in Enterprise networks of the Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH an der Universität Bremen (BIBA).


EURIDICEEuropean Interdiciplinay research on Intelligent Cargo for Efficient, Safe and environment-Friendly Logistics
APMAutomated Performance Measurement
COINCOllaboration and INteroperability for Networked Enterprises
DEAFINDEvelopment Agencies and their impact on Foreign direct INvestment
E4Extended Enterprise management in Enlarged Europe
ECOLEADEuropean Collaborative Networked Organizations Leadership Initiative
ENAPSEuropean Network of Advanced Performance Studies
ESKALETrans-European Sustainable Knowledge-Based MAnufacturing
for SmalL and Medium Sized Enterprises in Traditional Industries
MOMENTThe Mobile Extended Manufacturing Enterprise
REALISERegional Action for Logistical Integration of Shipping across Europe.
REMARCCNetwork of Regional Martime Comptence Centres
ToolEastOpen Source Enterprise Resource Planning and Order Management System for Eastern European Tool and Die Making Workshops
WHALESWeb-linking Heterogeneous Applications for Large-scale Engineering and Services


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marcus Seifert
Hochschulring 20
D-28359 Bremen
Phone: +49(0)421/218-50147